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VW SA exports accelerate past the million mark

PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa – Volkswagen Group SA, on January 31 2020, sent into the big wide world of exports its 200 000th current VW Polo

The car (and those sent with it) took to 1 098 960 the total number of VW exports.

The Uitenhage plant has been assembling the current Polo range since September 2017 to supplement demand for right-hand drive vehicles and for many left-hand drive countries.

”This export milestone,” VW said, ”followed a year of records for VWSA in 2019: 161 954 vehicles through the year overtook the previous record of 137 758, set in 2011 – nearly 25% of all cars sold in South Africa are VW brands.


Thomas Schaefer, VW Group SA’S chairman and MD, told The Corner in a media release: “We’ve many reasons to be proud that, in 2019, we set the tone for another strong year.

”We intend to build on our strong performance, local and for export, through 2020 and remain committed to delivering excellence to all our customers and the larger community.”

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