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Mini-mini from Murray: One seat for now, more coming

MOTIV MINI: Image: Supplied

LONDON, England – Gordon Murray design is to unveil its Motiv minicar at a Move 2020 show here in London over February 11/12 2020 in association with Delta Motorsport and itMoves.

The tiny, single-seat, battery-car is said to be ”a unique and extremely versatile autonomous vehicle platform”.

Its creation was part-funded by the UK-government and is said to have broken the mould for future mobility ”by creating a cost-effective, ultra-light, quadricycle vehicle platform that meets full passenger-car crash safety requirements.

Alongside its safety credentials, the minipersonmover is said to have the range, platform flexibility, and plug-in versatility required by people with personal mobility or commercial delivery requirements.

MOTIV MINI: Image: Supplied

The Motiv was engineered on Gordon Murray Design’s iStream Superlight technology and, Murrary says, should ”significantly reduce” road congestion and emissions in city centres – though The Corner wonders how even 100 will do that..


The pram-sized buggy is 1.63m high, 2.54mm long and 1,310m wide but future developments promise two-seaters, wheelchair accommodation, and commercial deliveries.

Power comes from a 20kW electric motor fed by a 17.3kWh, liquid-cooled, battery pack providing a(  )range of up to 100km travelling at about 65km/h and can recharge 20% to 80% in 40 minutes.

The minibuggy has an aluminium chassis, composite shell and an aluminium suspension. to keep weight below 450kg with (for now) entry through one gullwing door.

MOTIV MINI: Image: Supplied

Murray group boss Gordon Murray told The Corner in a media release from London: “The Motiv has the potential to transform future mobility (how many others have said that? – Ed).


”The best way to make any vehicle commercially viable and cost-effective and with first-class efficiency is to make it as light as possible while retaining the highest levels of safety.”

Electrification, hybridisation, and vehicle dynamics specialist Delta Motorsport supplied the Motiv’s power supply, motors and control systems.

Delta’s engineering director explained: “We’ve demonstrated that the future of mobility is lightness, battery-powered, private. The control systems prove that electric vehicles need not be heavy while being truly viable.”

Advanced mobility and innovation specialist itMoves was responsible for the vision behind Motiv, including the vehicle concept, strategy usability and looks. ”The design is contemporary but compact and city-friendly with easy access, comfortable space and a shelf for a laptop.”

MOTIV MINI: Image: Supplied

Motiv technical specification

0-100km/h – five seconds
Max speed – 65kph)

Rear-wheel drive
Single gull-wing door
Contactless door release

Powertrain / Battery

Range 100km
Run time five hours
Motor 20kW
Nominal voltage 361V
Max torque four Nm
Battery under floor
Battery capacity 3kW/h (total); 13.8KW/h (usable), liquid-cooled




Front: MacPherson struts. Rear: iLinkSteering

Wheels and tyres

Wheel size 13”


Front: Anti-lock discs, Rear: Regenerative braking


Air-con, 24” display.

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