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Mighty Micra: Big power 84kW turbo, lighter steering

2020 NISSAN MICRA TEKNA: Image: Nissan SA

ROSSLYN, South Africa – Take a fresh look at the Nissan Micra – an updated version of the perennial favourite among younger folk described by its South African operation as ”all new”. The Nissan Micra Tekna 84kW turbo.

And pretty quick, what with 84kW/180 Nm under the bonnet to agitate the six-speed transmission. Thanks to turbocharging.

Nissan says the set-up gives ”a better driving experience than ever before” – with tighter handling thanks to a lowered suspension and a quicker and lighter steering.

2020 NISSAN MICRA TEKNA: Image: Nissan SA

The direct-injection petrol engine is reported to have ”a number of technical innovations” to reduce fuel burn.

Micra Tekna and Tekna Plus units come with a ”top end” Bose audio system which, Nissan says, put passengers into ”an immersive, 360-degree, sound stage” thanks to an amplifier under the driver’s seat, wide-range speakers in the front doors, tweeters in the facia and speakers in the driver’s head-restraint.

The Corner wonders if that is such a good idea…?

Base price: R305 900.

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2020 NISSAN MICRA TEKNA: Image: Nissan SA

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