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Get smart! Telematics ‘can help to beat perils of Aarto’

KEEPING WATCH: Companies which keep tabs on their drivers through telematics could conquer Aarto. Image: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – There’s much furore around the soon-to-be-implemented Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (the dreaded Aarto) parliamentary Bill and it has generated serious resistance.

Despite this resistance, it is highly likely that the Bill will come into effect in early 2020 and make life difficult for companies with fleets of vehicles. Managing director of Legratron Electronics, Itumeleng Matshego, says pretty much everybody will be affected, but how?

“Under the Bill,” he explains ”drivers can be banned from driving for up to three months (like, how many will care about that! – Ed) and even have their driving licence cancelled (ditto) after three suspensions. Telematics data could be a solution.”

Image: Supplied

Telematics data, Matshego explained, can identify drivers likely to collect demerits. ”Action can be taken against them and, perhaps, further training can be given.”


Telematics can alert base that a driver is misbehaving or driving badly and commit that data to his/her record – there is the possiblity that employers could also be penalised.

So, Matshego suggests, businesses prepared for Aarto should find themselves better prepared than those who do not acknowledge it – and telematics will help.

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