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Gen 8 Golf GTD claims ‘cleanest emissions’ of any car

2020 VW GOLF GTD: Image: Supplied

WOLFSBURG, Germany – Volkswagen will première its Golf GTD at the Geneva auto show in March 2020 with tech highlights that include the most powerful – thanks to the twin-dosing, cleanest,turbodiesel injection engine yet in a Golf.

VW says the engine is more efficient and emit the least volumne of emissions yet in a VW, while ”the car’s charismatic design has a unique combination of dynamism and self-confidence”.

Right then…


This top-end model, VW says, is based on the new eighth-generation Golf since, In 1982, VW presented the first Golf GTD which, the automaker adds, ”brought new excitement into the compact class with its turbodiesel and other equally sporty features from the Golf GTI Mk1.

”February 2020,” VW says, ”and almost four decades later this same dynamic concept is still going strong. Once again, we introduce one of the most economical and sporty compact models.

2020 VW GOLF GTD: Image: Supplied

”A significant increase in performance is accompanied by reduced emissions: the Performance TDI’s efficiency has been significantly optimised and CO2 emissions have been cut even further despite improved performance response.”

The new ”twin-dosing” SCR catalytic converters with AdBlue (a chemical carried in a small tank in a car’s boot to reduce nitrous oxide emissions), VW says, ”has made the new Golf GTD one of the cleanest combustion engines in the world”.

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It’s also used by Audi.*

”The four-cylinder engine,” VW teases further, ;;is started by pressing a pulsing button on the completely digitalised facia.”

*AdBlue is a liquid solution of urea (the stuff found in urine), and when it meets a hot exhaust system it releases ammonia which is a catalyst to a chemical reaction that converts dangerous nitrogen oxides into two harmless products – water vapour and nitrogen.

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