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Electric VW Golf testing about to tee-off in SA


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa: VW SA has become the second country – the first was Rwanda – to introduce Volkswagen electric vehicles to Africa for testing during an e-Golf pilot project.

Six fully electric vehicles will rotate through motoring and lifestyle media, some dealers, and among VW employees across South Africa to gather consumer insight into the experience of driving and living with an electric vehicle at the south end of the African continent.

The experiment will mainly be in Gauteng and the Western Cape and apart from personal experiences will be used to shuttle VW service customers.


VW SA’s marketing director Mike Glendinning told The Corner through a media communication: “We want to democratise electric mobility so the e-Golf pilot project will involve as many South African drivers as possible.”

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The exercise will be the first step of a three-phase approach intended to pave the way for VW to include electric vehicles in its SA product portfolio. The second will expand to include a fleet of fully electric Volkswagen ID.3 vehicles from 2021.


The third and last phase will see the e-Golf available South Africa, not for sale but only to allow as many people in South Africa as possible to experience life with an with a battery buggy.

  • If you want to be kept informed about VW’s electric mobility journey sign up on the Volkswagen website.

    VW E-GOLF: Image: VW

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