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Jaguar Land Rover unveils future of urban mobility

COVENTRY, England – Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled a radical concept vehicle, called it Project Vector, and says it’s part of the automaker’s ‘Destination Zero’ of a clean, autonomous, electric, and connected urban mobility future.

The two distinctly different, but umbilically joined, automakers say Zero is their name for an ambition to make cities safer and the environment cleaner: zero emissions, zero accidents, zero congestion. Now comes Vector to showcase an advanced, flexible, multi-use, electrobuggy that is ”autonomy-ready”.

PUSH ME, PULL ME: Given that the JLR electric prototypes won’t necessarily have a driver the electrobuggies won’t need to turn around at the end of their city journey. Image: Jaguar Land Rover

JLR chief exec Professor Sir Ralf Speth said at the February 2020 launch event “JLR understands the trends shaping modern societies. Vector shows us as a leading innovator for healthier cities.

“We’re collaborating with the brightest academic minds, supply chain, and digital services to create connected, integrated mobility systems – the building blocks for Zero. Project Vector is to deliver on our mission.”

The electrobuggy is only four metres long, its powerpack and drivetrain in the flat floor, to allow a variety of uses. The cabin can have private or shared seat configurations; even be deployed as a ”last-kilometre” delivery van.


Project director Dr Tim Leverton told The Corner in a media release: “Urbanisation and digitalisation make connected urban mobility inevitable. Shared and private vehicles will share space with, and be connected to, public transport so all can travel autonomously but on demand.”

 BACK TO BASICS: The prototype buggy will have its drivetrain and batteries contained in the floor. Image: Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover’s technology and engineering, he added, could provide a unique innovation opportunity for highly functional urban mobility services.

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“Future urban travel,” he added, ”will be composed of owned and shared vehicles, have access to ride-hailing and other on-demand services, and public transport. Our vision shows the vehicle as a flexible part of the urban mobility network that can be adapted for various purposes.”


Coventry City Council and the West Midlands Combined Authority is expected to plan a mobility service towards the end of 2021 – calling it ”as a living laboratory for future street mobility”.

The city engineer,Professor Dr Gero Kempf, Chief Engineer, added: “It’s also a unique opportunity – a concept platform designed and engineered by a major automaker on a blank canvas to develop tailored services and apps in a smart city.”

Image: Jaguar Land Rover

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