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AARTO: Get ready for June or you could see your ar…rto

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Any company still having doubts about AARTO, its implementation, and their driver'(s), well, driving, should read this item before the regulations’ drawbridge drops.

Why? Because, according to MasterDrive’s bossman Eugene Herbert, things can go from bad to catastrophic in one day. Here’s how…

A company employee driving at 90km/h in a 60km/h zone is flashed by a fixed traffic camera. On the way back the driver does the same again but in the opposite direction and, ZAP!, his second fine for the day is on the way.

Herbert has this message about what will happen a couple of months down the line… and it ain’t good. Though paying within 32 days will halve the fine.

YELLOW PERIL: Flaunt one of these and you could be off the road for months. Image: Supplied

The consequences could, indeed, be much more disastrous. “As you are reading this in February 2020 your driver would have received two hefty fine. Once AARTO is in full effect (June 2020) each infringement (in this case the two speeding penalties – Ed) will also receive six demerit points per infringement: 12 demerits in one day.


”Assuming he’d had a perfect record until now one more demerit would suspend his driving licence for three months. On top of the fines.

“Within one day a driver’s – perhaps a very productive member of the company’s fleet – won’t be able to work. No business can risk its workforce being incapacitated by bad driving behaviour.”

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Herbert suggests the start of corporate road-safety cultures. Now. ”Start encouraging this attitude now. If you have and there are drivers who still receive fines then consider further remedial action.

“MasterDrive has specifically developed a course of instruction for drivers to impress how important it is that you take AARTO seriously.”



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