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K53 licence guides for nix: Quit taxis, get an income!

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – AutoTrader, South Africa’s most widely read motoring ”marketplace” has compiling a free K53 learner driver’s book in conjunction with Help Guides.

”The aim,” the publication says, ”is to champion wider access to the K53 manual as a crucial step towards greater mobility and, eventually, financial freedom for many.”

George Mienie, AutoTrader’s CEO, told The Corner: “We have the opportunity, as one of SA’s leading online auto trading sites, to assist many South Africans. Earning a driving license is a big step towards personal mobility.”

The manual. for cars and motorcycles, can be downloaded here 

‘To date (Feb 2020) the guides have been downloaded more than 15 000 times” Mienie says. ”Not only is the book free but is also supported by parking and driving videos. Research by Stats SA showed multiple areas in which the lives of ordinary South Africans could change with a driving licence.”


2013’s report ‘Gender Series Volume III: Gender patterns in Transport’, the media release says, says only 27% of eligible South Africans hold a driver’s licence, with males twice as likely as females so qualified..

Mienie again: ”Female child-carers, the sick, or the elderly are the most disadvantaged if unable to drive. Domestic responsibilities make trip scheduling complex so a licence to avoid public transport can be hugely beneficial.”

On a more radical note, Mienie suggests shared-ownership of a car as a major local trend will outpace ride-sharing, making a driving licence even more desirable. A licence is a key to upward mobility with regards to earning capacity, especially by students entering the job market.”


Not only four wheels can make a difference. Mienie saysAutoTrader, at an inaugural Motorcycle Industry Stakeholder Summit in May 2019, presented research findings that pointed to a mostly untapped sector of smaller-engined two-wheeled vehicles: an end to commuter problems and a possible new source of income.

“The motorbike market,” Mienie says, ”is considered for leisure use or status but bikes between 150 and 500cc are generally more affordable. This opens up new commuting – even earning! – options. The first step to accessing that mobility is passing the K53 examination.”

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