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Sporty Frenchie takes 2020 Euro Car of the Year – SA this year

PEUGEOT 208: Euro title for small hatchback. Image: Supplied

PARIS, France – The new Peugeot 208 has triumphed over BMW 1 Series, Ford Puma, Porsche Taycan, Renault Clio, Tesla Model 3 and Toyota Corolla to score the 2020 European Car of the Year title.

South African motorists can expect to experience the all-new 208 towards the end of 2020.

COMING PEUGEOT 208: Sporty four-door hatchback takes 2020 Euro Car of the the Year title. Image: Supplied

The judges – 60 automotive experts from all over Europe, praised the all-new car for its sharp and dynamic design and distinctive customer offering.

They were also impressed by its high level of technology with a 3D i-Cockpit that uses innovative hologram technology displayed on the configurable 3D head-up display, which puts it directly ahead of the driver and highlights potential hazards.

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The sporty small car also has driver assistance technology usually reserved for larger vehicles – among them following/stopping cruise control and lane-keeping. Communications through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also installed.

WATCH A VIDEO of the sexy little Peugeot winner

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