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Goodyear’s spins a new tyre yarn – will it be called the Arachnid?

HUB OF THE MATTER: The centre design of Goodyear’s proposed radical tyre. Image: Supplied

GENEVA, Switzerland – Tyremaker Goodyear believes it has created a ”revolutionary” vehicle tyre that is self-regenerating and ”can adapt to meet individual mobility needs”.

It’s called reCharge and uses material inspired by spider’s webs.

Mike Rytokoski, vice-president and marketing boss for Goodyear Europe, explained: “Goodyear wants the tyre to be an even more powerful contributor to vehicle owners’ specific mobility needs.

“We set out to create a concept tyre primed for the future of personalised and convenient electric mobility.”


The reCharge concept, Goodyear sort of explained, includes a number of innovative features built around three pillars:


At the concept’s core is a reloadable and biodegradable tyre-tread compound that can be recharged with individual capsules which means resurfacing a tyre rather than retreading it ( with all the problems that offers) and ”radically simplifying the process of replacing tyres”.

Basically then, if the tread wear down the tyre can easily be resurfaced

The capsules (there was no mention of their size), Goodyear explained, contain a customised liquid compound that enables the tyre to regenerate and to adapt over time to climate and road conditions, or simply how the car’s owner wishes to travel.

CLOSE-UP OF THE DESIGN: The inner rim of the radical tyre, the plan says, would be retreaded from capsules of a special material inspired by spider-web. Image: Supplied

Artificial intelligence would create a driver’s profile a driver profile around which the liquid compound would be customised, generating a compound blend tailored to each individual.


The compound would consist of a biological material reinforced with fibres inspired by one of the toughest natural materials in the world – spider silk. This would make it extremely durable and totally biodegradable.

THE NEW TYRE/RIM: As it might look from the outside, when in place. Image: Supplied

In addition to radically simplifying the process of replacing tyres with rechargeable capsules the tread would be supported by a light, non-pneumatic, frame and tall-and-narrow shape – a thin, but robust, low-maintenance assembly that would eliminate the need for tyre-pressure checks or fear of a puncture.


Sebastien Fontaine, the lead designer at Goodyear’s Innovation Centre in Luxembourg, added:

“The Goodyear reCharge is a concept tyre without compromise, supporting personalised, sustainable and hassle-free electric mobility.”

The Corner wishes the concept well – it would, truly,revolutionise the automobile and other road vehicles’ safety and simplicity.

PLEASE NOTE, no spiders will be hurt in the construction of such tyres…

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