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Czinger skips Geneva to launch hypercar in London

CZINGER: Image: Supplied

LONDON, England – Czinger Vehicles, having finished its stand and flown its team to the now cancelled March 2020 Geneva auto show, has announced that the show will go on – but in London.

It’s also sent images to The Corner – and heck, what a looker… It’s the Czinger 21C hypercar.

CZINGER: Image: Supplied

Czinger will globally launch as a brand, unveil its 21C hypercar, and explain its current mission and future plans on March 10 March at an exclusive London, UK location and will stream the event online.


There are two models ”displaying innovative spirit and path-breaking approach as a brand”.

Czinger completed its Geneva International Motor Show stand there and lifted the covers off its two revolutionary 21C hypercars with a twist – mounting bikes and surfboards on top in a nod to the brand’s Californian heritage.

Then the show was shut down.

The 21C will be limited to 80 cars and its maker claims ”an innovative approach to total vehicle design, using revolutionary manufacturing technologies to achieve dominating performance and an iconic design”.


The driver and passenger ride in the middle of the car, jet-fighter-style layout, and the 21C is capable of 0-100km in an astounding 1.9sec and a quarter-mile time of 8.1.

Czinger used its own ”revolutionary” technology to create a 932kW drivetrain and computational manufacturing methods to keep the dry weight below 1200kg, for what it describes as ”that all-important 1:1 power-to-weight ratio”.

CZINGER: Image: Supplied

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