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MasterDrive goes big with new Jozi training centre

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – MasterDrive is about to launch its customised new training facility across the road from the Johannesburg Ticketpro Dome in the overflow parking area.

The facility has been designed to accommodate all types of training from rollover prevention to some of MasterDrive’s newest training initiatives.

The company’s MD, Eugene Herbert, says growth was needed along with the addition of a more advanced training facility: “As MasterDrive leads the way in the training environment, our facilities needed to grow in the same way. When we saw the facilities near the Ticketpro Dome we immediately knew it would be ideal for what we needed.”

“Along with training tracks clients will have access to a training room – a mobile classroom for theoretical training that has a balcony to be used for viewing or class breaks.

“Chief among the advantages is convenience: there will be no requirement to travel further for training – giving proximity to customers and saving time.

“We’ve also recognised changing needs in driver training and to reduce our impact on the environment. We’re developing a skidpad that does not use valuable water.”


The facility will allow the creation of opportunities for individuals to benefit: “We have a number of activities in which individuals can participate at weekends, particularly our gymkhana for people to test their skills through an obstacle course.”

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Herbert says the facility is nearly complete and his team looks forward to its training benefits. ”Whether you’re a corporate or an individual, come visit to see the new facility for yourself.”

MasterDrive is giving away five gymkhana experiences. To win one (March 2020) email


MasterDrive was established in 1999 and became part of the RAC Group nine years later while expanding operation to cover three main centres.

It has a dedicated team of professional, internationally accredited, instructors to deliver training across a spectrum of vehicles – from motorbikes to cars to buses and trucks.


In addition to delivering internationally proven defensive driving courses the company offers training required by legislation – dangerous goods and forklift – with courses for corporates and emergency services, – each to change and improve driving behaviour.


The company says its track record with many of SA’s top 500 companies shows it is a viable operation providing a platform for rolling out its own BBBEE transformation programme that contributes toward the well-being of all South Africans.

MasterDrive is also proud of its record in supporting NPO’s which want to educate road-users on safety and so enhance the profile of changing behaviour by whatever reasonable means. These include, but are not limited to, psychometric assessments, on-road assessments, and corporate safety events.

It is a results-driven driver training organisation that engages with and assists companies in managing driver risk interventions. Its products include:
MasterTorque (online motoring publication)
Our Why is summed up as ”Making a difference, one day, one kilometre, one life at a time.”

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