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2020 Sorento: 18-year ride to Kia wagon’s electrification

FRANKFURT, Germany – The fourth generation of KIA’s Sorento flagship model has been shown to the motoring media during a ”reveal” here which described the big SUV as ”powerful, progressive and versatile”.

Emilio Herrera, chief operating officer for KIA Europe, told The Corner in a media release: “The Sorento’s evolution through the past 18 years, the automaker says, ”echoes that of the KIA brand as a whole”.

2020 KIA SORENTO. Image: Supplied

The SUV was launched in 2002 as a utilitarian all-terrain vehicle: this the fourth-generation, KIA says, ”has been transformed into something altogether more desirable – and important for KIA because it’s the first of the flagship SUV to have electric propulsion.

The Sorento’s is described as having sharper lines, high-tech details, and longer proportions for ”a more confident and mature presence”.

The cabin ”introduces premium materials, cutting-edge infotainment technologies, and a stunning new design”.

2020 KIA SORENTO. Image: Supplied

This is the first KIA based on the automaker’s latest midsize SUV platform with its larger and more spacious cargo/luggage volume.
”It is also,” KIA says, one of the most versatile and spacious three-row SUVs on the road”.

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For the first time hybrid power, dubbed ‘Smartstream’, has joined the Sorento range to bring, KIA says, ”greater fuel-efficiency, less emissions, and higher performance than its predecessor”.

2020 KIA SORENTO. Image: Supplied

”This will be KIA’s most high-tech car yet,” the media release says, ”thanks to its progressive connectivity, driver assistance, and infotainment technologies.

”Its two user-friendly digital, displays deliver advanced graphics, new telematics and smartphone connectivity as a mainstay among KIA’s global line-up,”

More than three million Sorento units have been sold worldwide since launch in 2002.

2020 KIA SORENTO. Image: Supplied

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