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Honda takes Red Dot accolades for cars and motorcycles

TOKYO, Japan – Honda has announced that the all-new Honda e electric car and the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade supersport motorcycle have each won a  ‘Red Dot’ product design rating*.

The Honda e (above) won”Red Dot: Best of the Best 2020′ in the automobile category and ‘Red Dot 2020’ in the meta category of “Smart Products”.

”Honda e,” its maker says, ”is a new-generation electric vehicle focused on a simple design and ease of use while bringing new values to customers that meet the needs of modern urban life through seamlessly connected technology and outstanding driving dynamics.”


The car’s fascia, Honda explains, has two large touchscreens which display a wide range of applications and connected infotainment services in a lounge-like atmosphere, seamlessly integrating with the occupants’ urban lifestyle.

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”By accessing various connected services displayed the driver and passengers can enjoy the same connectivity and comfort while driving, stationary or charging. The battery is under the floor for a low centre of gravity and an optimum balance between stability and handling.”


this machine received ‘Red Dot 2020’ in the motorcycle categoryfour months after it was launched at Eicma 2019 in Milan, Italy, in November 2019 with sales starting in Europe.

It’s the flagship of the CBR series, developed with the concept ‘Total Control for the Track’, its engine designed with technologies from the RC213V MotoGP machine – the most powerful yet in the CBR.

Electronic control handles stability under acceleration and braking.


Honda believes the bike won the award ”in part because of its functional beauty honed through pursuing the limits of high-performance and radical new form to achieve uncompromising function not only on the road and track”.

*The Red Dot Award, founded in 1955, is one of the world’s most respected design awards. 49 categories of industrial products are judged on nine criteria, among them degree of innovation, functionality, durability and ergonomics.

Outstanding designs can win from three awards,Red Dot: Best of the Best, Red Dot, and Honourable Mention. “Red Dot: Best of the Best” carries the most prestige.

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