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Jaguar suggests basic etiquette for public EV charging

JAGUAR IN CHARGE: All plugged-in. A Jaguar i-Pace ”fills up” at a Jaguar station. Image: Jaguar SA

PRETORIA, South Africa – Politeness can no longer be limited to the dining table or the shopping queue – it should be applied, according to Jaguar, also at charging stations.

So, the automaker says, the sooner basic ground rules are applied to public charging etiquette are applied the smoother the experience will be.

EV drivers will primarily charge their vehicle(s) overnight – efficient and cost-effective – but increasing numbers of electric vehicles will add demand for public station, especially on intercity routes.

So, Jaguar has some tips to smooth the charging experience…

Don’t spot-squat

No.1 rule in public EV charging: never occupy a charging bay if your car isn’t charging.

Most EVs, including the Jaguar I-Pace shown in the image above, have phone apps to monitor charge levels remotely. Keep an eye on your car’s battery level and move it to a normal bay to surrender the charging pole to the next customer.

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Don’t prolong the charge process by unnecessarily waiting until 100% charge. If home is your next stop it would be courteous to unplug and quit the bay when charge level is sufficient to get there. 

ICE-ing is a thing

Many recharge stations in South Africa are – and will continue to be – at premium locations such as mall entrances or other points of interest so drivers of conventional vehicles will be tempted to use them.

If you drive a conventional vehicle, please leave the charging bay(s) clear. In First World countries the terms “ICE-ing” or “getting ICE’d” have been adopted for such inconsiderate drivers.

Keep it tidy

Unlike conventional fuel-stations, EV charging will done by drivers so the responsibility for keeping each site in tip-top condition lies with them. Observe some simple courtesies…

Put the charge connector back in its receptacle and hang the cable as neatly as possible on its hooks when finished charging. A cable and connector left on the ground can pose a tripping risk for pedestrians and could lead to unnecessary wear and tear.

Such cables are incredibly tough and weatherproof but are not intended to be repeatedly driven over or exposed to rain and dirt.

Just like a public restrooms,, leave EV charging bays as you would like to find them.

Plan ahead

All public charging stations within the Jaguar Powerway network – whether at Sandton City or in Beaufort West – each can be identified on the or websites.

The site also indicates the status of each charger: working/not working, in use, or free. Consider charging at the next destination, or amending your route to use an alternative charging station.

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