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AA says stick to the rules on wide-open roads

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – The Automobile Association in South Africa says although roads across the country are experiencing a dramatic decrease in traffic volume safe driving is still essential so… follow the rules!

“An unintended consequence of the coronavirus and the associated closing of schools, colleges and businesses,” MasterDrive says, ”is few people are on the roads.”

The organisation’s MD Eugene Herbert told The Corner: ”This will in all likelihood lead to a drop in the number of crashes, injuries and deaths but this doesn’t open the door for those still on the roads to behave as they wish.”

The AA reminds that health services across the country are under extreme pressure with infections, other illnesses and emergencies.


“Negligent drivers who fail to obey the road rules and cause crashes are adding to this pressure – they’re, selfish, irresponsible, a danger to others. Motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians must behave.”

Some drivers with free passes to drive despite the current virus lockdown are, the AA says, abusing empty roads to drive recklessly.

“An increase in average speeds, specifically on highways, has been noticeable,” the organisation says, ”so be vigilant, put your cellphone away, focus on the road. Now is not the time to take any chances – even though the roads seem clear.

KEEP YOUR HEAD – AND YOUR LIFE. Image: Supplied Image: supplied

”Now, more than ever, those still driving should ensure their own, and other road users’, safety.”


The AA also says road users – including and pedal and motorcyclists – should practice good hygiene in and on their vehicle by regularly wiping down touched surfaces such as gear levers, steering-wheels, handles, handlebars, and visors.

Wrapped up, the AA advises; “We support the measures announced earlier by the state president and call on road users to adhere to their roles – stay safe, don’t contribute to more infections.”

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