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New Thule Vector: Streamline your car’s rooftop ‘boot’

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Thule’s luggage-box range has a new flagship – the Vector – a sort of super aerofoil that looks like it is part of the car that is its host.

The luggage-maker says the Vector is made in two sizes, each ”pairing performance styling with premium features”, as the premium product in its 22-model automotive range of rooftop luggage boxes.

THULE VECTOR: It can be opened from either side of its host vehicle. Image: Supplied

”Thanks to a combination of design and meticulous construction,” the company says, ”we can safely supplement the load-carrying capability of virtually any vehicle. Our Swedish designers worked with automakers to give customers access to a product that integrates with the latest cars.”

Luggage boxes and sport utility solutions such as carriers for motor-cycles are the core of the business but the company also supplies pannier bags, camera bags, and laptop cases.

And, the company says Thule rooftop tents will soon be available in South African.

THULE VECTOR: Image: Supplied

The new Vector – as do other its other roof-top boxes – use moulded polycarbonate that requires  minimal maintenance and no licence (as do even small trailers). Most can be opened in place from either side of the car or easily attached/removed.


Also, Thule told The Corner, roof boxes are more aerodynamic (and therefore save fuel) than a trailer, are made in Germany, and range in volume from 300 to 650 litres in a range of gloss or metallic colours.

Each is guaranteed for a maximum of five years.

  • For more information go to Thule SA for a list of dealers, call (086) 118-4853, or shop online.
    THULE VECTOR: Image: Supplied

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