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Bentley Bacalar: There’s be nothing on Earth to compete with it

CREWE, England – The Bentley Bacalar, the first cars from Bentley Mulliner’s new Coachbuilt portfolio, will give only 12 customers an amazing opportunity to express their personal taste in the form of what Bentley describes as “the ultimate open-air Grand Tourer”.

Work on the new cars has, however, been suspended until Bentley’s Crewe headquarters re-opens post-Covid-19.

The Bacalar units’ shell will not, the company says, share body panels with any existing Bentley and will have ultra-bespoke interior finishes limited only by their future owners’ imagination.

2020 BENTLEY BACALAR: Image: Bentley Motors

Heady stuff indeed!

Never-before-seen paint options, exterior treatments, interior finishes, and materials will, however, “be the essence of what makes the Bacalar a genuine coach-built car”.

“All aspects of the Bacalar, Bentley explained, ”have been exquisitely designed in such a way that it will require time for owners to uncover all the details that will form a complete Bacalar.”

To achieve this Bentley Mulliner has created six examples of Bacalar specification which illustrate some of the character and styles each Bacalar will represent.

2020 BENTLEY BACALAR: Ultra-limited edition and quite possibly the most beautiful automobile on the planet Image: Bentley Motors

Maria Mulder, head of colour and trim at Bentley, told The Corner in a media release: “Each of the six will have its own personality and purpose and, whatever the personal style of a buyer, the car will have exterior paint synthesised with rice-husk ash to add a metallic quality to create an unlimited number of exterior paint colours.”

Artisan piping can be designed and customised to feature unique patterns, colour combinations, and personal embossed effects such as a customer’s signature or special personal motif.”

2020 BENTLEY BACALAR: This is the interior of the Brickill version. Image: Bentley Motors

So, there will be…

The Clerkenwell…

“This version,” Bentley says, “will typify the spirit of the Brooklands racetrack where early Bentleys raced and encapsulate a modern style accentuated by British racing heritage. The name refers to the Central London borough of Clerkenwell, home to a collection of the English capital’s city’s oldest architecture and some of its finest creative minds.”

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This version, Bentley says, will focus on the classic contrast of dark green and browns. Moss Green exterior paint is paired with Cumbrian Green and Golden Oak upholstery, contrasted with stitching in saddle thread featuring tweed-patterned cloth. Veneer surfaces use a new concept called Honey Larch that’s said to provide a further contrast to the interior.

Exterior brightware is finished in Dark Bronze Glass, carrying the colour theme out of the cabin and linking the interior and exterior palettes.

The Menlo…

”Taking risks and pushing the limits of what’s possible with an attitude that will change the world” encapsulates the spirit of The Menlo – named after Menlo Park in Palo Alto, California, where many of the greatest entrepreneurs gather at leading technology companies.

”The bold and unmistakable colour of cobalt runs throughout The Menlo,” Bentley says, ”to define the car’s exterior finish as well as its interior atmosphere. Contrasting the subtlety of a Beluga hide with accents of yellow truly highlight the cabin’s definition and surfaces and the ultra-modern textile of black Alcantara is complemented by a piano black veneer.”

The Fulton…

An eye for detail ”discovers the extraordinary” (huh?) in all it sees, designed for those in the know and creating a more esoteric theme. Downtown Chicago provides inspiration for this specification.”

The deep and evocative exterior finish of Lacquer Red is exemplified by light, revealing all of the Bacalar’s true design in detail. 5,000 year old Open Pore Riverwood alongside Piano Black veneer embellishes the interior with a sense of history and depth, coupled with hides of perforated Mulliner Beluga and Hotspur accents. Gloss black brightware and Beluga Alcantara textile adds to the understated theme.

The Greenwich…

Heritage style meets contemporary minimalism in a car inspired by bespoke tailoring and the English countryside – London’s Greenwich borough is therefore the natural association; ever-evolving, but never forgetting its roots.

The new and bespoke exterior paint of New Grey captures all that the Greenwich represents; classic yet evolving. Cricket Ball hide is the distinctive touch of British, flattered by a Grey Tweed textile. Open Poor Riverwood in parallel with High Gloss Riverwood once again contrasts the new with the old. Details of matte black brightware and Camel contrast thread finish off the interior theme.

The Brickell…

“The Brickell” refers to Miami’s financial district, defined by its high-rise buildings, luxury apartments, art galleries and boutique stores.

The Brickell therefore is a brave statement of intent, most notable by its new concept Atom Silver paint contrasting with strong exterior and interior accents in concept Hyperactive. Brunel hide adds to the confidence of this car’s specification, alongside the exclusiveness of Open Pore Riverwood and Piano Black veneer. Grey Tweed textile adds a touch of class and sophistication.

The Randwick…

This is a car handcrafted to inspire awe, provoke conversation and seek out like-minded company, which is why “The Randwick” was selected as Bentley’s demonstration car. The glimmering rays of sunshine found in Sydney’s glamorous Randwick suburb epitomise the car’s tone.

Yellow Flame paint enlightens the cars exterior, exemplified by Gloss Black highlights, showing off the Bacalar’s exterior in even greater detail. This theme continues through to the interior, where Beluga hide and Grey Tweed textile is contrasted by bright Khamun accents. Dark Bronze decorates brightware with an exquisite and unique finish, never before seen on a Bentley. The classic combination of Open Pore Riverwood and Piano Black veneers complete the interior.

‘Design your own Bacalar’ competition

BENTLEY is also launching a design-your-own Bacalar competition (April 2020) via the @BentleyComms Twitter channel. Adults and children are invited to download a blank template of both the Bacalar’s exterior and interior, which can be customised in any number of ways.

The best designs sent back to @BentleyComms will be adjudicated by Bentley’s Design team, and featured and highlighted on the channel.

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