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Lexus update: Tweaks to styling, cabins and tech for 2020

• Interior- and technology – focused upgrades
• ‘Impressive’ spec changes to IS, NX, RC and LS
• Lexus Connect, Android Auto & Apple CarPlay added

LEXUS RC COUPE: It and other models have been upgraded for 2020. Image: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Lexus IS, NX, RC and LS units have undergone some minor improvements for 2020 through specification changes intended, Toyota says, ”to offer quality drives and even more amazing experiences every time they’re on the road”.

Right then…

They are said to include cabin and tech-focused upgrades ”intended to further contribute to the quality of every Lexus” while ”combining Lexus’ traditions of Japanese culture and aesthetics”.

The Lexus IS range in South Africa comprises the flagship IS 350 F Sport (3.5-litre quad-cam V6) and IS 300 Hybrid EX (2.5-litre petrol / electric drive, and two-litre turbo IS 300 EX.

The revised specifications (words from Lexus)…

  • Hybrid (launched December 2018) and F Sport units now have a Mark Levinson 15-speaker audio system and a rear sunshade
  • The F Sport gets self-dipping diode headlights and the sunshade
  • The whole range now includes a new body colour – Manganese Lustre

Lexus NX gets…

…tweaks to its standard specification menu. The model range comprises the NX 300 EX, NX 300h EX, NX 300h SE and NX 300 F Sport. Notably, there are now two models in the hybrid space.

  • The NX has a number of updates which include audio upgrade with Android Auto & Apple Carplay
  • F Sport and SE hybrids get new tail-lights and self-dipping headlights
  • SE Hybrids’ headlights get self-cleaning and self-levelling; power boot opening and folding external mirrors, too
  • SE hybrids get wood fascia inserts, sunroof, 60:40 power-adjustable second-row seats, leather upholstery, and driver’s-seat power adjustment
  • F Sport and SE hybrids have been given pre-crash mitigation, lane-keeping, blind-spot monitors and a reversing traffic alert

Lexus RC Coupe gets…

A new version of the Lexus RC sport coupe made its debut in SA about a year ago ias an F Sport. Upgrades since then include electronic parking brake and a 17-speaker Mark Levinson audio system.with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Lexus LS flagship gets…

”The fifth generation of the Lexus LS sedan,” Toyota says, ”delivers premium power-train smoothness, cabin space, improved handling, ride comfort, crash mitigation, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.”

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There are two derivatives – LS 500 and LS 500 F Sport, each based on a new rear-drive platform and with a bolder design (said ”to give a coupe-like silhouette”) but only one drive system: a 3.5-litre, twin-turbo, V6 capable of 310kW at 6000rpm spinning a 10-speed auto transmission.

The LS also underwent a spec change to, Toyota says, address product improvements and customer requests:

  • Revised cruise control
  • Fewer paint colours: Khaki and Amber no longer available for the LS 500; Amber discontinued on the  LS 500 F Sport
  • Revised lane-keeping process


A seven-year or 105 000km* warranty and maintenance plan is standard for all petrol units. Vehicle service intervals every 15 000km, or annually.
*Whichever comes first.

Lexus IS
IS 300 EX – R733 100
Lexus NX
NX 300 EX – R722 600
IS 350 F Sport – R863 200
NX 300 F Sport – R826 500
IS 300h EX – R826 500
NX 300h EX – R819 100
NX 300h SE – R933 500
Lexus RC
RC F Sport – R1 009 100
Lexus LS
LS 500 – R2 022 000
LS 500 F Sport – R2 200 800

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