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Land Rover tooling-up for battle with COVID-19 invasion

LONDON, England – Jaguar Land Rover, builder of rugged all-road 4×4 vehicles, is to use 3D-printing machines to create tough equipment to battle the Covid-19 onslaught.

The reusable face visors will be produced by the automaker’s prototype, but rapid, 3D-printing facility that claims to be one of Europe’s most advanced. Initial production will create about 1300 visors a week for health workers though the intent is to accelerate to mass production.

The programme has created what is believed to be the only British National Health Service’s approved re-usable visor to meet health-care professionals’ demand for rapid prototype printing. The work is being done at Land Rover’s Advanced Product Creation Centre in Gaydon, England – home to one of the most advanced 3D printing facilities in Europe.

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The visors, it’s hoped, will replace current uncomfortable equipment which has caused facial injury during long working hours. Visor production will, it is hoped, ramp up to 5000 visors a week when other 3D operations come on stream as well.

NEW ‘WINDSCREEN FOR COVID-19 DRIVE: This is the high-tech visor to be printed by JLR in the UK. Image: Supplied

JLR intends to make the open-source CAD design files available to other manufacturers and suppliers through coming weeks.

Each visor has been designed to be reusable and easily dismantled for cleaning before being used again.

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