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Tiger Wheels tips: TLC for your car’s tyres during Covid lockdown

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – With all of South Africa in a Covid-19 lockdown and most vehicles parked for all but  essential trips Tiger Wheel & Tyre reminds their owners that cars still need some TLC when stationary for long periods,.

Here are the company’s top five tips to keep your car in shape during lockdown:

1. Keep the battery charged. Start the car and let it idle for 15-20 minutes, at least once a week. Do this outside or keep your garage door wide open and any doors leading into the house firmly shut. Or disconnect the battery and connect it to a trickle charger, if you have one.

2. Check your licence disc expiry date! The only thing more tedious than lockdown is figuring out how to renew an expired licence. Renew yours, if you have one, through your Tiger Advantage Plus Protecta benefit plan or online through your local city council’s e-Services portal. There’s even a WhatsApp licence-payment service called ChatBack that will renew your license for a fee.

3. Keep your tyres inflated. Not only being driven but also the passage of time that makes air escape from tyres. If you’re able to inflate them at home then do so before making essential trips or when lockdown ends and you return to work. Maintaining the correct tyre pressures (front and rear are usually different) avoids flat spots and protects the tyre’s sidewall from damage.

4. Clean your car. Bird droppings, water stains, even dust, can get baked into the paintwork and cause lasting damage. Washing your car will not only prevent this but also be another way to mix things up and pass the time during lockdown.

5. Be safe in all the ways that count. Keep your vehicle in tip-top safe shape; drive safely; when you’re out on an essential trip keep your distance from people you don’t live with, don’t touch your face, and wash your hands when you’re done.

Click here for more tips, advice and all things Tiger Wheel & Tyre.

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