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Suzuki’s upstart SUV stands taller thanks to Bilstein

GOOD NEWS for Suzuki Jimny owners who like a bit of rough: Bilstein has added the tough little 4×4 to its list of vehicles that can benefit from the installation of an aftermarket set of body-raising shock-absorbers.

Bilstein’s ‘Raise Your Game’ kits have added 12 parts numbers to its inventory which now includes, along with Suzuki’s , various Toyota, Ford, Nissan, VW and Isuzu models to the RYG programme.

GIVE YOUR JIMNY A LIFT: An addition to the Suzuki parts list is a set of off-road shock-absorbers. Image: Supplied

The latest kit fits not only current fourth-generation (JB74) Jimnys but also previous-models. They share a 2250mm wheelbase so the kit will fit vehicles back to 1998.

The Jimny kit supplies four imported off-road monotube shock-absorbers, a set of SA-made springs, and a set of high-density polyurethane bushes with an offset metal sleeve.

SHOCKS IN A BOX: The vehicle-lifting off-road kit from Bilstein. Image: Supplied

The result will raise unladen ride height by, in the case of an unladen Jimny sans accessories, 35-45mm.

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The bushes are pressed into the original locating arms and compensate for the castor angle change that will come with the new ride height while ensuring driveshafts and other components work within their original specification.


With the Jimny, which has a solid axles front and rear, driveshaft angle isn’t an issue, but loss of castor angle is, necessitating the inclusion of the non-concentric bushes.

The Jimny RYG kit retails for R22 625 and can be ordered at any Goldwagen or Imcomex store on the sub-continent.

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