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Morgan specials celebrate 60-years of classic-car styling

MALVERN, England – Venerable classic-car builder Morgan has created special versions of its LE60 Plus Six classic sport car and one 3 Wheeler to celebrate 60 years of partnership with Dutch auto franchisee Louwman.

The special run of only five cars created three unique specifications, each with its own distinct theme: 
four flagship classic sport cars and the three-wheeler: two Plus Six units in Ice Blue, a further pair in Scintilla Silver, and the single green 3 Wheeler, each conceived in-house by Morgan’s design team at the company’s factory in Malvern, central England.

The Ice Blue LE60 Plus Six (below) has 19” alloy wheel rims that claim to evoke the look of a wire wheel but with a contemporary twist. Yellow accents can be noted around the car on brake callipers, spotlight casings, and LE60 decals on the bonnet cooling vents.

MORGAN ICE-BLUE LE60. Image: Supplied

The cabin has black pebble-texture leather upholstery with yellow diamond stitching and matching LE60 head-restraints. More classicism comes from, a tawny-wood fascia, and transmission tunnel trim.

The Scintilla Silver Plus Six LE60 specification rides on 18” black Speedster rim/tyre combinations with yellow brake callipers. ”The yellow theme,” Morgan says, ”extends throughout the car, with a yellow number 6 painted within the grille, yellow horizontal seat-stitching, and matching LE60 embroidery on the head-restraints.


”A yellow band runs around the trailing edge of the bonnet to represent the leather bonnet straps used on early-days models and the fascia and transmission-tunnel are finished in the same silver as the shell.” 

The real classic, though is the sole LE60 Morgan 3 Wheeler (below). ”In keeping with the Plus Six units,” Morgan says, ”a yellow theme dominates. Special attention has been paid to the leather fascia panel with its laser-engraved design.”


The Morgan Plus Six was launched at the 2019 Geneva auto show and Morgan reminds that the cars received ”outstanding” reviews from the motoring media and buyers through the model’s first year.

The cars, the automaker added, ”marked the launch of the company’s CX-Generation, bonded-aluminium, platform that brought new levels of dynamic capability to the brand.”

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The format has also made its way under the recently unveiled Plus Four.

Power comes from BMW’s B58 inline six-cylinder 3.0-litre turbocharged engine, which produces a formidable 250kW which, thanks to the car’s dry weight of only 1075kg, allows acceleration from zero to 100km/h in 4.2sec.

All Morgan cars are hand-assembled by the craftspeople at Morgan’s factory in Malvern.


Marcus Blake, Morgan’s sales director, told The Corner in a media release: “We’re delighted to recognise this landmark anniversary with our dealer Louwman in Holland. We’re proud of our entire dealer network, and it gives us immense pleasure to be able to celebrate these milestones in such a fitting way.

”When Louwman contacted us with plans to celebrate is six decades as a Morgan dealer we decided to make sure they did so in style. All Morgan cars are special so our design team created these bespoke LE60 specials.

”We believe they are especially beautiful and unique.”

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