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Coming Hyundai Veloster N: All steroids, road-and-track, ready

  • All-new N eight-speed wet dual-clutch
  • Light bucket-style seats with illuminated logo
  • Unique interior ambience, special sound

SEOUL, South Korea – Hyundai has (April 20 2020) unveiled an ”enhanced” Veloster N equipped with an all-new, N eight-speed, wet dual-clutch, transmission (N DCT) ”engineered to deliver exhilarating driving fun”.

Hyundai developed the N DCT to provide the engaging experience of a manual transmission with the convenience of an autobox. With the N DCT the new Veloster N can accelerate from standstill to100km/h in 5.6sec*,


Electronic actuators operate the double clutch to provide ride comfort, fuel-efficiency and – ”most importantly” – driving fun.


The wet N DCT uses oil to significantly improve lubrication and cooling – said to be something typical of higher-torque applications.

The package comes with video game-like features:N Grin Shift, for instance, increases torque by seven percent by allowing turbo overboost and maximises transmission response for 20sec. ”Performance.” Hyundai says, ”that’s certain to induce driver grin.”

The fancy shift also engages when the car accelerates with more than 90% throttle, thereby mitigating any reduction in torque by using upshifts to deliver maximum power to the wheels.


”This,” the Korean automaker says, ”will give the driver a feeling of dynamic acceleration when shifting.”

The N DCT also comes with N Track Sense Shift that discerns when road conditions are optimal for dynamic driving and activates automatically by selecting the correct gear and shift-timing – just like a professional race-car driver – to provide optimal performance.


Each of these features can be configured through the Veloster N’s infotainment system on a 20cm, high-definition, display with matching sound from a premium JBL audio system.

Along with other updated features – rev-matching, launch control and overboost – the Veloster N will automatically sense the customer’s driving style, compare it to road conditions, and optimise gearshift points.

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”For example,” Hyundai says, ”if the car is going downhill it will  engine-brake to reduce brake heating. If the driver is pushing on a racetrack it will use the full spectrum of engine revs to maximize performance.”

2020 HYUNDAI VELOSTER N SPEED DCT. Maximum comfort from styled front bucket seats. Image: Supplied

The car also has Hyundai SmartSense safety tech that includes frontal collision avoidance aid, dozing-driver alert, lane-keeping, auto headlights, and blind-spot/cross-traffic coverage.

Customers also can opt for light Alacantara-wrapped bucket seats suited to track work and two kg lighter than the standard items and bear illuminating N logos.


Hyundai’s Thomas Schemera told The Corner: ”The Veloster N demonstrates Hyundai’s approach to high-performance – performance and convenience simulateously. Anybody who wants a fun driving experience will jump at the chance to pilot the new Veloster N – an everyday sport car with track capability.”

The Veloster N will go first to South Korean dealers then to other markets.

*Based on tests run by Hyundai’s global R&D centre.

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