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Three-cylinder hybrid Land Rover expands electrified line-up

  • Three-cylinder plug-in expands electrifc line-up
  • Battery-only range up to 70km with fast charge
  • …but it’s still an all terrain-capable off-roader

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Jaguar Land Rover has created another plug-in hybrid system and is debuting them in the UK’s two best-selling vehicles as the brand’s next step in delivering Jaguar Land Rover’s ‘Destination Zero’ mission to shape future mobility: zero accidents, zero emissions, zero congestion.

GETTING NEATER: A heavy cable and clunky plugs no longer in fashion. Image: JLR

The 1.5-litre, three-cylinder, plug-in hybrid combines a conventional petrol engine – the smallest in the brand’s Ingenium range – with an electric motor to provide sustainable, efficient, all-electric, performance for short trips plus normal engine power f(or combined petrol/battery drive) to give optimum efficiency on longer journeys.

JUST LIKE ANY OTHER LANDY: Under the chassis, however is a powerful electric motor. Image: JLR

The new tech is being introduced in the 2020 Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport to, the automaker claims, ”put them among the most cost-efficient compact premium SUVs available”.


Nick Rogers, JLR’s executive director for product engineering, explained: “The modular, scaleable, and flexible architecture of our Ingenium family has allowed us to create a pioneering, three-cylinder plug-in hybrid to give customers more choice than ever before.”

The 147kW petrol engine, combined with an 80kW electric motor attached to the rear axle gives all-wheel drive ability which, JLR says, ”is a perfect blend of performance – depending on your driving style”.

Efficient electrification, downsizing, and what JLR calls ”lightweighting”, also enables incredibly low CO2 emissions of only 32g/km for the Evoque and 36g/km for the Discovery Sport.

”Each vehicle,” JLR says, ”has an impressive all-electric, zero tailpipe emissions, electric  range of more than 60km yet our Jaguar Land Rover family’s latest plug-in hybrid offers the same  capability and composure with all-electric driving and stunning efficiency, on- and off-road.”

STYLISH DRIVER, STYLISH ALL-ROADER: Jaguar Land Rover’s new, smaller, hybrid SUV.   Image: JLR

Jaguar Land Rover sees its new baby, with its latest plug-in hybrid system, as a cost-effective choice: ”Electric-only mode delivers quiet driving with zero-tailpipe emissions for shorter journeys with a range of more than 60km, depending on model.

”Hybrid mode automatically combines petrol and electric driving for optimum efficiency on longer journeys. In that mode the car adapts to driving conditions and judges the remaining battery charge to maintain either the charge or fuel consumption.

SHIELDED FOR OFF-ROAD:  A shaped rear plate will handle the rough stuff. Image: JLR

”As a third option for longer distances the vehicle can be powered solely by the 1.5-litre Ingenium petrol engine to maintain battery charge.”


Battery charging is made as easy as possible, whether the vehicle is on the move or plugged in. While being driven, energy generated by the engine during acceleration, or by braking in electric or hybrid mode, is harvested and used to charge the battery.

When plug-in charging is required,the 15kW/h battery can be powered up from zero to 80% in as little as 30 minutes WITH a public rapid-charger. It takes between 90 minutes and six-and-half hours at home, depending on whether the car is plugged-at a dedicated wall box or standard domestic socket.

Jaguar Land Rover has filed more that 40 patent applications for the technologies that debut in the three-cylinder plug-in hybrid system. ”A number,” the company adds, ”relate to the high-voltage, belt-integrated, starter/generator – a key enabler for the vehicle’s hybrid system.”

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The company’s new 147kW, 1.5-litre, three-cylinder, Ingenium petrol engine is at the heart of its system a unit designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house. The light aluminium engine is 37kg lighter than the four-cylinder version.

”It delivers,” JLR says, ”strong performance and customary Jaguar Land Rover refinement with impressive fuel economy – as little as 1.4 litres/100km, depending on model. CO2 emissions can be as low as 32g/km on the WLTP combined test cycle.”

CHARGING INFORMATION: The driver can see how things are going on a large info screen. Image; JLR

Both the Range Rover Evoque and the Land Rover Discovery Sport are built on Land Rover’s Premium Transverse Architecture, designed from the outset for both plug-in and mild-hybrid technologies.

The hardware has been packaged beneath the cabin floor without compromising cabin and luggage space, or all-terrain capabilities.

The South African introductions of the plug-in hybrid Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport are unconfirmed. More information will follow in due course.

CHARGE WHILE YOU PARK: An outside socket can be installed at home – or in a domestic garage. Image: JLR


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