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Early US look at upcoming Hyundai Elantra N Line

  • Elantra/Avante to get N Line performance treatment
  • N Line for the first time on Elantra sedan
  • Focus on design and refined powertrain

SEOUL, South Korea – The upcoming 2020 Elantra N Line, The Corner has been told, will add N brand specific design elements, chassis upgrades and a turbocharged engine to the recently revealed Elantra range.

”Our high-performance N brand ,” the automaker said, ”develops fun-to-drive cars that make the driver’s heart beat faster whenever they’re behind the wheel.

”N Line trim adds sporty design elements and refined powertrain/chassis upgrades to the all-new range.”

2020 HYUNDAI ELANTRA N: Image: Hyundai

A media release extolled to The Corner that the N-brand portfolio has everything from motorsport to a stock model though each will be characterised by N-specific design and performance upgrades.

The point of the media release, however, was to emphasise the expansion of the range.

2020 HYUNDAI ELANTRA N: Image: Hyundai
2020 HYUNDAI ELANTRA N: Image: Hyundai

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