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Good news for VW owners: New-vehicle warranties extended

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – VW SA has extended the period of its warranty claims because of the virus emergency and consequent closing of its dealer operations countrywide.

Mike Glendinning, VW SA’s sales and marketing boss, told The Corner: “We want to ease the burden placed owners of VW products by the Covid shutdown.”

”Many of our customers found it impossible to claim because their vehicle warranty period had expired so this free-of-charge benefit has been introduced.”
our customers.

”If a new-vehicle warranty or EasyDrive Plan has expired or will expire between March 27 2020 and June 30 2020 it will be extended by three months from its original expiry date – but not include distance-exceeded limits.”


Vehicle services affected by the lockdown will also have a grace period of 1500km (or one month) after the scheduled service, and will not be extended.

This extension applies to all vehicles in the Volkswagen range.

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