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Driving with the winter sun: Pretty – but dangerous

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Essential-service drivers and those who return to work this week will likely be driving into a rising or setting sun as winter approaches.

Take care – as MasterDrive’s MD Eugene Herbert suggests. The blinding light, early morning and early evening, could have dire and expensive – even tragic – consequences for you and other road users. He not only advises drivers to be on guard but also has some suggestions to counter the solar threat…

WATCH FOR THE GLARE: Image: Supplied
    • Perhaps map a different route – morning and evening – to keep the sun out of your eyes. And clean your windscreen thoroughly to prevent extra glare
    • Maybe change the time you head for work – earlier or later
    • Wear reputable polarised sunglasses – perhaps have your spare specs laminated. Give your optician a query call
    • Anticipate (the golden rule of driving!) the sun shining into your eyes before you drive around a corner or into another road and adjust your visor in time
    • Raising your seat can help to reduce the glare effect
    • Slow down – just as you would for any other road hazard
    • Extend following distances
GOOD MORNING, SUNSHINE… It’s pretty for a winter’s morning – but also another road hazard. Image: Suppied

Final word from Eugene: “Following the principles of defensive driving will give you space and time for your eyes to adjust to sudden glare or to take the necessary action to avoid a potential collision.

”Driving into the glare can be unavoidable at this time of year – be prepared!”

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