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Kia puts wheels under SA Covid aid distribution

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Kia SA has given three K2700 bakkies and three Picanto Start cars to the SA National Zakah Fund to help it to deliver food and welfare support services to vulnerable communities during the Covid-19 ”lockdown”.

The bakkies will be equipped with lockable Beekman Canopies.

Gary Scott, Kia SA’s CEO, told The Corner in a media release: “SANZAF has achieved this for the past 45 years and these vehicles will make easier this current task.”

The fund says it is a socio-welfare educational organisation that facilitates the empowerment of needy families through efficient collection and distribution of alms (Zakah) and donations.

BAKKIES IN ACTION: Kia SA hs given six vehicles to help with assistance to needy communities. Image: Kia SA

It says it invested R27-million in education during the 2019 financial year and counselled and assisted 28 000 people through welfare support. More than 40 000 people benefit from its monthly food programmes through food parcels, vouchers, clothing and other services that might be needed.

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Yasmina Francke, Sansaf’s CEO, told The Corner in the same release: “The vehicles will go a long way to ease the load for our teams who are delivering door-to-door.

”Having extra vehicles in circulation will help us when working for needy communities.”

Visit to make a donation.

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