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Auto industry gets back on the road again

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition has (May 12) published a Government Gazette, which details precise directions regarding the sale of road vehicles and emergency automobile repairs during Level 4 of the Covid-19 invasion.

The changes are valid immediately (May 13) to allow the motor industry to start selling vehicles once again.

Dealers can now sell new and used vehicles; original equipment manufacturers and importers may wholesale new and used vehicles. Vehicles may also be imported and exported. Trade-in purchases, car lease scheme returns, and the wholesale trading of used vehicles are also permitted.


The notice says there are three phases to get dealerships to operate at 100% capacity – important to vehicle owners and dealers. Under Phase 1 (from May 12 which is expected to end after a fortnight), dealers and used outlets can operate with a maximum of 30% of staff but with most transactions done via phone or internet.

Vehicles must be delivered to the buyer’s home (presumably also to businesses) fully sanitised.

Phase Two (expected to last for two weeks from May 26)) will allow dealers and used-vehicle outlets to operate with up to 60% of staff but with limited customer numbers and under strict hygiene and social distancing.

On-site collection will also be allowed.


Phase Three will start on June 8 2020 and continue until Alert Level 4 is lifted. Staff will be allowed to return to work and used-vehicle outlets while customers will be allowed to visit (although this will still be kept to a minimum).

In all three phases, test drives can only be arranged by appointment; vehiucle auctions must be conducted online.

Roadworthy assessment and testing centres will re-open.

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