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Give way to takeaway guys: they’re helping everybody

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – The move to Level 4 Covid lockdown restrictions came with a provision to allow takeaway food deliveries so, since May 1, the number of delivery-bike riders has increased considerably.

The MD of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, told The Corner: ”Other road-users should accept that such riders might take risks as, a month without takeaway food and little else has created increased demand.

JUST DOING THEIR JOBS: Takeaway delivery drivers work under stress – give them a break on the roads, suggests MasterDrive. Image: Supplied

”The opportunity to make up for lost income also puts pressure on the riders. While it can be frustrating, don’t become annoyed with them – rather show patience and drive defensively to ensure that you and the riders are safe.”

Herbert also suggested we avoid any tendency to treat anything smaller than a car with less respect than other road users by giving them the same following distance that one should give other vehicles – even if they’re riding recklessly.

READY TO RIDE: Another family meal on the way for lockdown folks – give the riders a break! Image: Supplied

He also suggested treating them with respect. “You should already be double-checking before entering an intersection and treating a right turn as a slipway rather than a stop.


”Assume a delivery rider will cross your lane, then slow down. Give them more room in traffic.”

Finally, some wise words…

”As we return to work let’s all be mindful of the pressure everybody is facing.

”Decide now to allow delivery bikes extra space – refusing to exert caution and patience will have a much greater price then putting up with a few moments of irritation.”

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