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Motomatch: Beating the virus through power of the net

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – A new product called Motomatch claims to be ”an exceptionally beneficial” tool to drive the sustainability of the auto industry and dealer networks during the Covid-19 lockdown.

So, what is it…? Well, the media information sent to The Corner says it’s an ”innovative virtual marketplace and lead generator that connects genuine customers with vehicle dealers”.

Motomatch is said to enable buying/selling of vehicles with little or no physical contact to contain the virus and so allow dealers to get back to business andcomply with the emergency Covid-19 regulations.

Director Dov Stern says it has connected potential customers and dealers countrywide online, 24/7, and secure deals through (and potentially afterwards>) the national lockdown.

BUYING OR SELLING? Get online with Motomatch. Image: Supplied

“The government introduced a phased approach for dealers to resume operation under specific parameters so the motor industry has re-commenced trading. Buying patterns, however, are likely to remain in place for some time.”


Buyers have, he added, turned to online – a trend the company expects will grow as people adopt digital platforms as a safer, faster, and more convenient way to research, select, and buy vehicles – along with many other products.

“Face-to-face interactions will remain for test-drives and vehicle servicing but the  value of an online presence cannot be underestimated,” Stern added. “Customers can access the market without investing time and risking their health through visiting many dealers.”

Motomatch, he explained, connects prospective buyers instantly through a live dashboard and chat function from desktop, laptop or cellphone at any time and surf available vehicles. Dealers will respond with offers.


Stern explained: ”The customer simply selects the best offer and connects with the dealer to conclude the purchase. Privacy is assured – the customer’s details are only shared with dealers to which they connect.”

Watch the Motomatch dealer video here. 

Private sellers can list their car without charge using a quick, step-by-step, process and will be notified of an offer through an approved dealer, ”Simply choose the best offer and connect with the dealer,” Stern says.

Click here for further information on becoming a Motomatch dealer.

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