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New Hyundai Santa Fe – teaser image released

SEOUL, South Korea / OFFENBACH, Germany – Hyundai Motor Company has pulled back the curtain just enough to offer an initial glimpse of its upcoming Santa Fe wagon.

NOSING AHEAD: The re-designed grille assembly for the 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe station wagon. Image: Supplied

The Santa Fe is the brand’s longest-running SUV; it will feature a rugged, yet refined, exterior design and have interior design updates providing, Hyundai says, ”will have premium amenities and comfort”.


The supplied teaser image reveals several new design cues, among them combined grille and daytime running lights that express the brand’s new integrated vehicle architecture.

The grille is wider than the model it succeed and, Hyunadi says, ”expresses a bold character through a chromed frame – a geometric pattern that produces a striking stereoscopic effect.

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The eye-catching T-shaped running lights are intended to be seen from a distance and hint at technological enhancements yet to be revealed.

More information will be released to The Corner in coming weeks.

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