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Fourth-generation Hyundai Santa Fe revealed in Seoul

SEOUL, South Korea – Hyundai has unveiled the design of its fourth version of the popular Santa Fe SUV and included what it calls ”charismatic styling and value-added features”.

The automaker says this the fourth iteration of the Santa Fe goes beyond ”a mere facelift” with new features – inside and out.

SangYup Lee, head of Hyundai’s Global Design Centre, told The Corner: “We’ve modernised the Santa Fe. Bold lines extend from one side to the other and front to back to provide a rugged, yet refined, look that SUV buyers want and added a number of features and functions to create a truly family-focused SUV.”

”The signature headlights now on many Hyundai cars, teamed with daytime running lights start at the top of the grille and cut through it to create unique T-shapes.

”Wider wheel arches accentuate the SUV’s rugged and powerful character, emphasized by 20” wheel rims.”

The tail is protected by a skid plate.

All cabin components use soft-touch materials, the centre console sits high to create an armchair ambience for the front occupants.

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New for the Santa Fe is a terrain mode selector: a knob located in the centre console to switch through five drive modes which are said to optiise performance, include all-wheel drive and modes for sand, snow, mud, fuel economy, and sporty driving.

The choices can also be set to automatic.

The front console also accommodates a new 26cm screen to handle audio, video and satnav, maps and satellite-based voice guided navigation, reversing camera display, and in-car entertainment and connectivity.

ON MARKET SOON: The 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe. Image: Hyundai

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