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All-new Mazda BT-50 bakkie: First redesign in nine years

MAZDA BT-50. Image: Supplied
MAZDA BT-50. Image: Supplied

HIROSHIMA, Japan – Mazda Motor Corporation has hosted the world premiere of an all-new Mazda BT-50 bakkie, fully redesigned for the first time in nine years and supplied by Isuzu Motor Ltd on an OEM basis.

The bakkies will be in showrooms in selected countries, starting with the Australian market under the Mazda brand name, towards the end of 2020.


Since its debut in 2006, the  BT-50 has been sold mainly in regions that include Oceania, ASEAN, South America, the Middle East – and here in Africa.

This the second fully-redesigned model is based on Isuzu’s D-MAX bakkie but special care is said to have gone into the vehicle’s design, ease of use, and peace-of-mind for the occupants.

”The all-new Mazda BT-50,” its maker says ”fuses Mazda’s Kodo-Soul of Motion design language and premium interiors with power, toughness, and utilitarian functionality.”

Mazda’s Kodo – Soul of motion design language is said to be immediately visible right from the front of the vehicle with the prominent front grille and the three-dimensional signature wing that extends out towards the side.

MAZDA BT-50. Image: Supplied

The design, we’re told, ”is distinct and sharp, taking cues from Mazda’s SUV range”. ”The low-set headlights give the front a more muscular look that translates to a strong and powerful road presence and the chromed parts from the grille extend right through to the mirror and door releases”.

The load bay can handle well over a ton.

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Everything – fascia, steering-wheel, seats and centre console in the cabin ”has been redesigned to ensure that drivers feel connected to their vehicle and as comfortable as they can be”.

Mazda says it developed the Mazda BT-50 with the intention of making travel and the time spent inside the vehicle ”exceptionally pleasant”.

MAZDA BT-50. Image: Supplied

”The vehicle’s driving performance, functionality and safety meet the active needs of the wide range of situations in which customers may use bakkies.”


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