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Toyota back into high gear with parts warehouse build

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Toyota SA has moved into high gear with a R365-million project to double the size of its East Rand parts distribution warehouse to 80 000m² to create the largest such building in the southern hemisphere.

Toyota SA’s president and CEO Andrew Kirkby told The Corner in a media release: “This investment will also strengthen our position as a Toyota regional manufacturing hub capable of total support for any SA-assembled Toyota product, regardless of its destination.”

The move, the company says, will allow Toyota SA to further improve the availability of service and replacement parts for all of its vehicles –  Toyota, Hino and Lexus. It will also, the company points out, support more than 250 automotive dealers in the Southern Africa region and 70 international destinations where SA-assembled Toyota vehicles can be found.

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The current warehouse – already a giant in the auto industry – will absorb all the operations covered by the first warehouse which covered of 22 000m2 in northern Johannesburg.

Toyota SA’s marketing boss Leon Theron explained: “The sheer size and scale of the new warehouse is a clear indication that we are committed to SA’s automotive sector – and indeed the rest of Africa.

”We would like to continue as Africa’s most popular vehicle brand so a reliable supply of parts is integral to our strategy.”

The original plan was to complete construction by the end of November 2020 but two months of Covid lockdown ended that hope, according to Anand Pather, Toyota SA’s vice president for customer service. The pace was picked up in May as restrictions were eased.

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