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JLR fleet for world’s first high-powered electric taxis plan

OSLO, Norway – Jaguar Land Rover is to support the City of Oslo’s plan to create the world’s first high-powered wireless-charging taxi fleet.

The capital’s ‘ElectriCity’ will be helped with development by JLR in conjunction with Nordic taxi operator Cabonline (NorgesTaxi AS), the region’s largest charge-point operator Fortum Recharge, US technology developer Momentum Dynamics, and the City of Oslo to build wireless, high-powered charging, infrastructure for taxis in the Norwegian capital.

The project will be a world first and, by providing a charging infrastructure that can be implemented almost anywhere, will help the rapid global adoption of electric vehicles.


Fortum Recharge, which will support the installation and electrification of the project, identified the need for more-efficient charging so enlisted the support of Momentum Dynamics in integrating the infrastructure.

JLR will provide 25 Jaguar I-Pace units to Cabonline, the largest taxi network in the Nordics. The performance SUV has been designed to enable Momentum Dynamic’s wireless charging.

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A team of engineers and technicians from Momentum Dynamics and JLR will help with testing and Cabonline signed up to operate the fleet.

Efficiency requires taxi drivers to have a charging system that does not take them off-route during work shifts so a number of underground charging plates rated at 50-75kW have been installed at pick-up/drop-off points.

UNDERGROUND INDUCTION in action: Image: Supplied

Each taxi will self-charge while queuing for the next fare. There are no cables, no physical connection between charger and vehicle, and only six to eight minutes are required to charge a car to 50kW.


Each taxi therefore receives multiple charges throughout the day to maintain a high state of charge and be available 24 hours a day.

The Oslo ElectriCity partnership is part of JLR’s  ambition to make cities healthier and safer while reducing emissions with a focus on Destination Zero: zero emissions, zero accidents, zero congestion.

Professor Sir Ralf Speth, JLR’s chief executive, told The Corner via a media release: “We’re extremely proud of our track record in electrification and are committed to making electric vehicles easier to own and use.

”The taxi industry is the ideal test bed for wireless charging and electric mobility across the board.”


JLR believes the inherently safe, energy-efficient, high-powered, wireless charging platform will become vital for electric fleets, particularly as the infrastructure is more effective than conventional refuelling.

The automaker said: ”We’re delighted to be part of ElectriCity and to continue to lead the field in electric vehicle technology. This is a great step forward to reaching our Destination Zero mission.”

Oslo will be the world’s first metropolitan area to install wireless, induction-based, high-powered, charging stations for electric taxis and hopes to make its cab system emissions free as early as 2024.

Norway, however, wants to go even further by mandating that all new cars sold in that country will by 2025 produce zero emissions.

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