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KIA does a Runner with budget Picanto delivery van

  • Brought together – Picanto Runner and pizzas
  • KIA gets cuter with pocket delivery conversion
  • Perhaps the luxury version of delivery van?

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – KIA Motors SA has converted its Picanto budget family hatchback into a light delivery vehicle for businesses in South Africa. Perhaps one benefit of the current semi-lockdown that has brought a number of changes to the local automotive industry.

And given new impetus to the suburban development of entrepreneurial delivery services for localised distribution.

KIA describes the Picanto Runner – cute new name, KIA! – as ”a compact and cost-effective urban delivery vehicle offering all the comfort, convenience and safety features the hatchback”. After all, size sometimes does matter – as long as it is smaller…

2020 KIA PICANTO RUNNER: Image: Supplied

Anyway – here’s what Stephen Crosse, KIA SA’s sales director, has to say…


“When you consider the rise of e-commerce, small businesses, and services-on-demand, especially under the ‘new normal’ brought about by Covid, there is a clear need for a compact delivery vehicle.

”The Picanto is a perfect base as such a vehicle: edgy styling, excellent fuel-efficiency, low maintenance costs and driver comfort – especially if compared to traditional delivery vehicles. Parking is easy, too.”

The Runner loses the rear bench to create a flat and secure load volume to which sturdy metal cargo dividers have been added, The rear windows have been laminated to (think tempting pizza and other easy-to-carry goodies – Ed.) keep stuff out of temptation’s way.

2020 KIA PICANTO RUNNER: Image: Supplied

Depending on need, the Runner can be ordered with contravision on the windows or a full wrap (perhaps with advertising?) at a much more affordable cost thanks to the car’s compact dimensions – though it still has 820 litres of practical space and a payload of up to 350kg.

Which is a lot of pizza… 

Crosse told The Corner in a media release: “The Runner has been created to be a safe and comfortable urban business partner. We’ve paid attention to capability, efficiency, comfort and running costs.”

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The Picanto Runner is based on the Picanto 1.0 Start, has a 49kW, one-litre, three-cylinder, quad-valve DOHC petrol engine and a five-speed manual transmission. The local supplier has also paid close attention to the driver’s comfort and safety: front crash-mitigation bags, central locking, anti-lock brakes (less damage to the piozzas!) and Data Dot security.

2020 KIA PICANTO RUNNER: Image: Supplied

Already standard on the Runner are steering-0wheel controls, aircon, Bluetooth connectivity, an AUX / USB connection and Radio/MP3/RDS. The seats and steering are adjustable (not all deliverymen/persons are equal}.

More than equal are the Runners’ warranty and service plan: the same unlimited kilometres, five-year, warranty standard on all KIA vehicles and a two-year or 30 000km* service plan. EAch will also be covered by KIA’s care package intended for ”working” vehicles.

2020 KIA PICANTO RUNNER: Image: Supplied

That last means a one-hour express service, courtesy vehicle rental, and ‘Premium’ roadside assistance which includes minor mechanical assistance, emergency fuel delivery, flat-tyre assistance, battery jump-start and towing, to name a few. (The pizzas might still be warm enough for delivery!) – Ed)


The KIA Picanto Runner is available from any KIA Motors SA dealer for R198 995. (Which is a lot of pizzas!)

*Whichever is reached first.

2020 KIA PICANTO RUNNER: Image: Supplied

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