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Take a look: New self-driving VW Tiguan revealed in US

  • Most successful VW – design honed inside and out,
  • Digital Cockpit standard across 2022 range
  • Full auto drive – given suitable roads

WOLFSBURG, Germany/ HERNDON, Virginia – VW’s Tiguan SUV was the most successful model for both the brand and its parent group through 2019 with more than 910 000 produced.

That figure, however, is dwarfed by the more than six million so far assembled so the time, VW says, was ripe for a comprehensive update – one including cabin and shell changes and ”innovative” driver-assistance/comfort features.

GLOBAL REVEAL IN USA. 2022 VW Tiguan. Image: Supplied

The new models have just been launched in the US and include a whole new, wider, front whose grille flows into (standard) diode headlights similar to those on larger models such as the European Touareg and the Atlas Cross Sport. The front bumpers have also had a makeover.


At the rear, the ‘4Motion’ lettering on AWD units has been changed and an updated hands-free tail hatch is available from midrange units. New wheel designs for every trim line, VW US says, ”round off the exterior changes”.

The revised cabins have a new multi-function steering-wheel with illuminated touch-control islands and sliders. An all-new touch module is available for the automatic aircon/heating control functions from midrange and buttons and sliders are used for fan and temperature control.

More buttons operate seat heating, rear-screen demisting and overall aircon; easy-reach Illuminated USB-C ports shine from below the aircon controls.

GLOBAL REVEAL IN USA. 2022 VW Tiguan. Image: Supplied

The revisions also include the latest modular infotainment system, a configurable digital instrument panel and vehicle personalisation system that will handle voice control, multi-phone pairing and wireless App-Connect.

Every Tiguan will have a VW digital cockpit so the driver can configure the instrument display: a 20cm display is standard, but more expensive models will have a 26cm screen. There will also – in the US at least – be 15-colour ambient lighting and 480W Fender audio system on top models.

GLOBAL REVEAL IN USA. 2022 VW Tiguan. Image: Supplied

The US Tiguan will be moved by a four-cylinder turbo TSI engine with, VW promises, ”outstanding power, fuel-efficiency, and response” that includes improved combustion efficiency. The upshot is 145kW from 4400-6000rpm. Maximum torque of 230Nm from 1600-4360 rpm.

Every model will have an eight-speed auto transmission and a Start/Stop system for driving in traffic.


A new ‘Travel Assist’, VW says, can take over steering, braking, and acceleration from zero-210km/h (though the media release stresses that the driver remains responsible for control at all times).

GLOBAL REVEAL IN USA. 2022 VW Tiguan. Image: Supplied

The car will use following cruise-control and lane-keeping to do the job – though with override controls to hand – both of which must remain on the steering-wheel.

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The latest adaptive cruise control, available at the top of the price list, will keep to local speed limits, town boundary signs, junctions and roundabouts (traffic circles in South Africa). For this the system uses commands from the front camera and  GPS and map data from the satnav.

GLOBAL REVEAL IN USA. 2022 VW Tiguan. Image: Supplied

The normal wheelbase Tiguan will reach European dealers soon, the US will continue to receive the long-wheelbase version.

The US will have access to the new models towards the end of 2021; the info supplied did not mention South Africa, but not doubt that information will come to The Corner in due course.

No indication of prices was given.

GLOBAL REVEAL IN USA. 2022 VW Tiguan. Image: Supplied

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