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Choose your ride: JLR offering car-swop subscriptions

PRETORIA, South Africa – Jaguar Land Rover, as more people choose flexible monthly payments over once-off bills, is trying to change the way we use vehicles.

The secret is a premium car-subscription service.

Britain’s biggest automaker has set up Pivotal, a programme intended to allow UK customers to experience either the latest technology of the premium Jaguar range or the breadth of capability, versatility and luxury offerings of the Land Rover range.

They can swop models when it suits them.


The Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Sport are included; more are to come – among them the new Land Rover Defender and two new plug-in hybrids: the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque PHEVs.

Or choose the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace to experience driving with zero exhaust emissions or the Jaguar F-Pace.

The service will allow members to swop their vehicle every six months to suit their changing lifestyle: a new job, perhaps, or a growing family.

The Pivotal concept will at first be looking to grow and integrate with approved Jaguar and Land Rover retailers to supply the vehicles.


The new service offers an alternative to traditional vehicle ownership and leasing plans: one monthly payment covers rental, insurance, tax, servicing and repairs – leaving only fuel (or battery charging!) to pay for.

There will be multiple membership tiers – or members can put their subscription on hold from month to month.

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Already 18% of drivers prefer no-commitment subscriptions to paid-up ownership. In the US and Europe, such deals are predicted to account for nearly 10% of new deliveries by 2025 – which translates to about 16-million vehicles.


Early trials have proved the programme will encourage new customers to try the brands – 80% of new members so far had never owned a Jaguar or Land Rover.

Pivotal is backed by InMotion – Jaguar Land Rover’s venture capital and mobility arm. It aims to provide the most flexible all-inclusive premium car subscription service for what is believed to be 20% of young professionals who wouldn’t normally own a car.

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