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Audi SA launches ‘affordable’ service plans for older vehicles

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Audi SA has launched what it describes as ”an affordable” service concept for its vehicles that are six to 13 years old (or have covered fewer than 270 000km) and are outside standard an Audi Freeway Plan or Freeway Plan Extension.

This concept gives cover for two years and/or 30 000km (whichever comes first) and includes two minor oil changes, and only Audi parts, equipment, and diagnostic tools. The plan can also be topped up at any Audi dealer to cover a major service need.

Roadside assistance is listed as a benefit, too.


Hassan Salie, Audi SA’s head of aftersales, told The Corner in a media release: “Many older Audis are not covered by either the Audi Freeway Plan or Freeway Plan Extension. The AudiSmart Service plan gives an affordable Audi servicing option.”

And so to the cost…

AudiSmart Service plans start at R4800 at any Audi dealer in South Africa.

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