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Dynamic-duo: Telematics and training mean fleet savings

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Fuel savings, extending the life of your fleet, intensifying your advanced road craft training – each a technique suggested by MasterDrive to reduce fleet costs.

And then there’s fleet telematics…

”Telematics are not just there to keep an eye on your drivers,” says MasterDrive’s Eugene Herbert. ”They can, for instance, report bad driving habits such as harsh braking, sudden acceleration, sharp cornering and speeding to provide an accurate picture of the calibre of your drivers.”

DO THE MATH: Extra training for fleet drivers can mean big savings even on a small fleet. Image: Supplied

But what, Herbert asks, can one do with the information. Then gives the answers…


“Telematics gives you the information, not the solution. Bad driving that only occurs occasionally could indicated that some drivers need only basic training to correct their faults.

“Alternatively, if the data indicates frequent dangerously habits it will suggest urgent instruction – which means more-advanced training.

”Showing drivers how to correct their faults will add not only reduce your fleet running costs but also to your drivers’ personal safety.”

THE POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS: Do the math on fleet expenses and enjoy the savings. Image: Supplied

MasterDrive says studies have shown that driver training can reduce vehicle-related expenses in your fleet bu about 10%…

A three percent saving in a 10-vehicle fleet that costs R850 000 in a year can shave R25 000 through defensive driving training.

For larger vehicles in a 10-vehicle fleet costing more than R2-million a year the same percentage is at lease R64 000 in savings.


In each instance, the money spent on training is far less than the potential savings.

Telematics can also provide data on about 44% of your fleet’s running costs.

“Identifying problem driving behaviour,” Herbert says, ”can reduce maintenance costs, tyre wear and fuel consumption in any vehicle.

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”Indirect costs possibly not reported by telematics can also be identified – perhaps savings on finance and insurance charges. Often you will be able to sell on vehicles in better condition and some insurance providers will provide discounts if your drivers are trained.”

Telematics and improved driving, Hertbert says, go hand-in-hand.

”Ultimately, telematics is another tool to save on fleet costs.”

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