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Range Rover Sport gains ingenious Ingenium engines for 2021

PRETORIA, South Africa – The Range Rover Sport has gained a suite of upgrades to,the automaker says, ”enhance its appeal as the ultimate luxury performance SUV”.

A new generation of Land Rover’s six-cylinder Ingenium diesel engines has been confirmed for the introduction on the Range Rover Sport* to bring 48V mild-hybrid electric vehicle/diesel-fuelled tech to the model.

The combo was,” Range Rover says, ”developed in-house to be available in D250, D300 and D350 variants capable variously of from 183kW to 258kW.

2021 RANGE ROVER. Image: Supplied

The SV Premium Palette paint colour range which, Range Rover says, makes lustrous colours and satin finishes available to all  Sport customers has been refreshed with eight new colours – among them brown, grey-purple and blue. 

”The purposeful cabin design with its elegant details,” Landy says, ”provide an undeniable sense of sporting luxury while a Touch Pro Duo infotainment unit enhances connectivity.”


Similar connectivity and security are also available for 2021 model year Range Rover Sport units. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard across all models and as many as eight 4G Wi-Fi connections can be made to service driver and passengers.

2021 RANGE ROVER. Image: Supplied

The new embedded Spotify app gives Spotify Premium subscribers instant access to millions of tracks and podcasts through Touch Pro Duo without the need to synchronise a smartphone with the vehicle.


Driver and passenger comfort in the Rover Sport’s includes air Ionisation/filtration activated by simply pressing a ‘Purify’ button. The scheme will filter out fine dust particles and allergens and neutralise odours.

A full suite of safety and driver assistance goodies includes a choice of Drive Pro packs, plus Park and Park Pro packs. A configurable display for the driver consolidates the Range Rover Sport’s range of tech features.

Two 25cm high-definition Touch Pro Duo touchscreens form the centrepiece of the minimalist cabin. ”They’re fast and intuitive,” we’re told, ”and the infotainment system combines finely engineered physical controls and a digital interface to deliver a truly connected driving experience.

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”The touchscreens provide superior clarity and ease of use, with familiar tap, swipe and pinch-to-zoom control gestures on the upper screen. Customers can create shortcuts to preferred features on the customisable home screen.”

Touch Pro Duo can dual-task, keeping maps on the upper touchscreen while providing easy access to further features on the lower. By dividing information and controls logically between the two, the Range Rover Sport achieves an intuitive user experience while vital information remains in the driver’s view.


The upper screen can be angled to counter glare while the fixed lower display manages tasks such as aircon and seat and vehicle settings.

All models will have signature daytime running lights and four headlights options: Premium, Matrix, Pixel and Pixel-Laser. The standard Premium headlight package has 24 diodes per vehicle with running lights. Auto high beam is an option.

Alongside the range of petrol engines are the latest six-cylinder Ingenium* diesels that, Land Rover says, ”are smoother, more refined, and more efficient than the engines they replace”.

48V mild-hybrid  technology will boost responses and reduce fuel consumption. As a result, the new Ingenium unit is, Land Rover says, ”one of the world’s leading clean diesel engines”.

2021 RANGE ROVER. Image: Supplied

All the engines meet Range Rover Sport’s high-performance character: the new D350 diesel, for instance, is said to manage the 0-100km/h sprint in 6.9 seconds thanks to torque of 700Nm. Essentially, V8 diesel performance with six-cylinder efficiency.

”Strong performance is backed up,” the automaker says, ”by an engaging drive that strikes a fine balance between dynamism and comfort. The Range Rover Sport’s advanced all-wheel drive and air suspension constantly adapt and respond to road conditions.

”This provides driver feedback and involvement while retaining the refinement expected by buyers. Aluminium construction is a key factor behind the Range Rover Sport’s agile handling and dynamic responses.


THE PLUG-IN hybrid electric P400e units are the most fuel-efficient Range Rover Sports and can drive up to 41km in full electric mode with zero tailpipe emissions. The powerful 221kW Ingenium petrol engine combines with a 105kW electric motor for a combined 297kW, so performance is uncompromised.

The PHEV powertrain accelerates the Range Rover Sport to 100km in 6.7sec while returning as little as 3.3 litres/100km.

A new Mode 3 cable means a full charge takes less than three hours from a wall box or public charging point instead of the 7.5 hours with a regular Mode 2 cable.

* Ingenium diesel engines with 48V mild-hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV) tech will be introduced to the South African market at a later stage.

** The full range of Ingenium diesel engine outputs may be subject to market availability.

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