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Back on track: MSA gets clearance for motorsport re-start

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Motorsport SA now has permission to resume all MSA-sanctioned motorsport events once suitable arrangements have been made with the relevant event organisers. 

The permission came from the Department of Sport and Recreation after a submission by MSA.

Conditions include restrictions on spectators, the presence at events of a Covid-19 compliance officer, strict cleaning, compulsory face masks and temperature screening of attendees.


Anton Roux, chairman of MSA,, told The Corner in a media release:  “Motor racing is a vibrant sporting code and an important contributor to the livelihood of many businesses and racing venues.

“The pandemic and lockdown put obligations on MSA and member organisations, but we’ve been preparing for a restart and look forward to working with event organisers and competitors.”

Scholtz said MSA would support each motorsport category and reconfigure the 2020 racing calendar.

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