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Filling up? Remember to sanitize at the pumps

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – We all need to fill our vehicles with fuel but lurking on the garage forecourt are the bugs that can spread CoVid-19  (and, of course, variious other pathogens that can cause illneds among us humans).

So, says MasterDrive’s MD Eugene Herbert, we should try to keep things clean… though he adds ”while we should avoid hysteria or paranoia, we should also take precautions”. And offers some tips on how to minimise you likelihood of infection.

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• Put on your mask on as soon as you arrive and before you speak to the petrol attendant. 

• Wherever possible, use the ”tap” function on your credit or fuel card 

• However, card limits and petrol costs can make this prohibitive so you might have to enter your pin code. Some petrol stations may provide sanitiser before and after entering a pin. If they don’t, keep a bottle of your own in your car

• There are reports on social media saying sanitisers can set your car alight. Specific conditions, however, are required for this to happen: spontaneous combustion is not possible. Gel or liquid hand-sanitisers need an external ignition source – the heat of a car alone is not enough to cause a fire so, Herbert says, ”it is safe to keep a hand sanitiser in your vehicle”.

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• Avoid fuel-stop toilet facilitates. Many surfaces there could hold the virus so hang on until reaching home or use sanitiser if you must ”wash your hands”.  

• When you sanitise your car don’t forget to clean the area around your petrol cap to protect yourself and the next pump jockey.

• If a petrol attendant touches anything else, for example under the bonnet, be sure to wipe that down, too.

Following these few simple techniques, Herbert adds, can help to keep you safe.

“It also shows consideration for the petrol attendants who deal with many people every day.”

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