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Topless Bentley launch for topless St Tropez

• Bentley Mulliner raises bar for topless luxury

• Unique options at pinnacle of the Continental GT range

• 400 000 stitches deliver a cabin of exceptional quality

CREWE, England – The luxury pinnacle of the Bentley Continental GT family, the Continental GT Mulliner convertible, will have its global debut at Cheval Blanc in St Tropez in the south of France as part of a European Summer Tour hosted by the automaker.

The car is the first member of a new ‘Collections’ portfolio introduced by Bentley Mulliner.

Surpassing the industry-leading craftsmanship so synonymous with Bentley, Mulliner has raised the bar further to create the Continental GT Mulliner Convertible; the pinnacle of roof-down automotive luxury.

HIGH-SPEED LUXURY: 2021 Bentley Continental GT Mulliner convertible

Grand Black walnut veneer is standard, while a new extensive range of 88 different piano-finished wood veneers is available through Bentley Mulliner Personal Commissioning.


Customers can therefore specify a contemporary, colorised, veneer finish that can be matched to the interior or exterior of the car. Burr walnut veneer is hand-sanded and polished to produce a perfectly smooth finish before painting to match the colour of the customer’s choice.

Once dry, the veneer is polished to achieve a mirror finish. For the new Continental GT Mulliner Convertible, eye-catching chromed details are overlaid into the piano veneer, including a Convertible silhouette in the passenger-side fascia and a B-motif in the door waist rails.

HIGH-SPEED LUXURY: 2021 Bentley Continental GT Mulliner convertible

”The new Continental GT Mulliner Convertible,” Bentley says, ”has been created to appeal to customers who want an even greater focus on beautiful detail. Taking pride of position between the cut-crystal inspired, precision-made, headlights, we’ve introduced a bold new Double Diamond grille, complemented by Mulliner-branded side vents that continue the unique silver-on-black diamond theme.”

The new Double Diamond design was inspired by Bentley’s exclusive Diamond-in-Diamond interior quilting design concept (on all seats), rear quarters and now – for the first time – furnishes the tonneau cover.

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The quilting was tailored to include contrast stitching in two complementary colours to accentuate the thread against the quilting. ”It takes almost 400 000 stitches,” Bentley says, ”to deliver this quilting across the cabin – diamond containing 712 individual stitches – each precisely aligned to point to the centre of the diamond it creates.

”Developing the embroidery process to deliver the process took 18 months.”

HIGH-SPEED LUXURY: 2021 Bentley Continental GT Mulliner convertible

Furnishing the sleek and muscular profile of the Continental GT Mulliner Convertible, the all-new 22” 10-spoked painted and polished wheel rims s have floating, self-levelling, wheel badges that remain upright as the wheel rotates.


The ultimate handcrafted Continental GT Convertible interior offers eight custom-made, three-colour, combinations. A new Mulliner-designed colour split defines the eight colourways, one a third accent colour to the interior in the form of a distinctive design line.

The hand-stitched hides are embellished with unique Mulliner-branded embroidery.

Bentley Mulliner combines traditional and modern coachbuilding to introduce new contemporary and bespoke features. ”An exquisitely tactile diamond milled finish has been applied to the centre console thanks to Bentley’s first use of a multi-machined panel process.

The centre console houses a new and exclusive Breitling for Mulliner clock with a brushed metallic face and jewelled hour marks. The clock bezel and air-vent rims are chromed to complete the interior jewellery.

HIGH-SPEED LUXURY: 2021 Bentley Continental GT Mulliner convertible

The ornate and luxurious design of the Breitling for Mulliner clock face is also applied to the driver;s instrumentation, with the precision gauges of the diode driver’s instrument panel using the same brushed Mulliner.

The 2021 Continental GT Mulliner Convertible also has mood lighting: seven themes that include illuminated Mulliner tread plates and diode welcome lights that project the Bentley wings to the ground from the door mirrors.

BEJEWELLED BEZEL: A work of art from Bentley craftspeople. Image: Supplied

The Continental GT Mulliner Convertible will be available with a top-of-the-range Naim for Bentley audio system driving 18 and two Active Bass transducers driven by a 2.2kW, 20-channel, amplifier and eight DSP sound modes.

Customers of the Continental GT Mulliner Convertible will receive their keys in a Mulliner-branded and handcrafted presentation box to match the three-color interior configuration of the car. The two keys are provided in similarly colour-matched leather cases with contrast stitching.


The Continental GT Mulliner Convertible will be available with Bentley’s V8 and W12 drive trains. When equipped with Bentley’s six-litre, twin-turbo, W12, the car will reach 100km/h in 3.7sec and continue to 330km/h.

The four-litre, twin‑turbo, V8 can deliver 318km/h or 100km/h in four seconds.

The car can be finished in the extended Bentley Mulliner paint range of 88 colours or colour-matched to any item or sample.

Image: Supplied

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