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Kia stunt jumps punt KS sedans to new high

IRVINE, California – Kia Motors America has executed what it called a ‘Triple Threat Stunt’ with professional stunt drivers on a track outside Atlanta in the state of Georgia using two turbocharged Kia K5 units flying in opposing directions as a third passes below.

The aerial stunt started a multi-channel marketing campaign for the mid-size sedan intended ”to reset expectations by placing the K5 in situations outside the traditionally conservative category”.

WATCH the stunt here.

Darrin Prescott, action unit director on some of Hollywood’s most action-packed films (Baby Driver, Ford vs. Ferrari, Drive, John Wick, Black Panther, Bourne Ultimatum), created the stunt that was streamed live online and provided car enthusiasts with a virtual look at the capability of K5.

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Professional driver Collete Davis and actor Jeremy Ray Valdez were co-hosts and professional drivers Sean Graham and father-daughter stunt-driving duo Jalil Jay and Brionna Lynch were involved.


As Graham maneuvered, steered, and slid his K5 into position with stop-on-a-dime accuracy, two K5s driven by the Lynches, sped down straight roads towards one another before each hit a ramp to become airborne and sail over Graham’s K5.

The stunt ended with all three K5 units and their crew safe back on terra firma.

The 10-minute event can be seen in its entirety by visiting Kia Motors’ America YouTube channel:

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