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Watch: Take a virtual drive in new Lexus convertible

PLANO, Texas  – Lexus has unveiled a marketing campaign to launch its first soft-top  in almost five years: the 2021 LC 500 Convertible… as The Corner promised way back in July 2019.

It’s a model that the automaker believes is ”perhaps the perfect expression of the emotional desire of the times”. The coming campaign is said to lean in to that need to get out and soak up the freedom and daylight.

Lisa Materazzo, Lexus’ vice-president for marketing, told The Corner in a media release: ”The decision to buy a convertible is emotional one. More so than other vehicles, it evokes a sense of escape and freedom by heightening the driving experience.

”There’s simply no substitute for the universal human emotion of joy that comes from an open-air drive so the LC Convertible will be assembled to create memory moments.”

The new hero spot “Keep the Light Alive”, Lexus says, features a child’s experiences when playing outside – and adventures  encountered – to an adult driving an LC 500 Convertible on a winding road at sunset.

Take a walk around the coming Lexus convertible.

Several scenes capture a young boy discovering the thrill of outdoor exploration at sunset while flashing to moments of becoming adult and experiencing similar exhilaration racing along a waterside road with his partner.

”Throughout,” Lexus says, ”viewers will preview the car’s strikingly unique body characteristics.”


The LC 500 Convertible is said to have been developed with performance as its core, aligned with the flagship LC 500 coupe. It’s said to have a low centre of gravity, unmatched agility, and luxury styling for a dynamic driving experience.

Under the bonnet is a non-turbo, 350kW, V8 – and the cabin is said to have ”advanced engineering” for a quiet drive with the top down.

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