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First images of upgraded model design
Cars go ‘gran turismo’ fastback style
Imports expected third quarter 2020

SEOUL, South Korea – KIA has released images of the upcoming latest version of its sporty Stinger that, the automaker says, ”isa refreshed design for the high-performance fastback sports sedan”.

Changes to the shell, Kia says, have enhanced the ”gran turismo” appearance of the cars, the touch and feel of the cabin has been imporved and new body colours have been introduced.

”The body restyle has,” Kia claims, ”added a touch of drama to the cars and offers buyers more options for customisation. The cabin is more comfortable thanks to revised design, better materials are used, and the entertainment system has been updated.”


Karim Habib, one of the bosses at Kia Global Design, told The Corner in a media release: “The Stinger projects elegance and comfort and is purposed for long-distance driving with gran turismo design and a subtle hint of aggression (oh dear! – Editor) to enhance its on-road presence.

2020 KIA STINGER. Image: Supplied

”The cabin has been enhanced and technologies incorporated to reconfirm its credentials as a consummate grand tourer.”

The Kia signature ‘tiger-nose’ grille has been parenthesised by new multifaceted reflector diode headlights and daytime running lights that, Kia claims, ”appear darker and sleeker.”

Rear combination lights are said to display a distinctive signature that extends across the car to mimic the shape of the subtle spoiler on the boot lid. The new turn signals comprise a collection of 10 individual LED units each, arranged as a grid to look like the chequered flag used to signal the end of a race.

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Buyers of more powerful examples of the Stinger can specify larger exhaust silencers ”to give the car a more muscular rear appearance”.

New 18 and 19” aluminium alloy wheel rims have been introduced with intricate geometric designs along with fresh exterior colours and two new exterior packages are available.

2020 KIA STINGER. Image: Supplied

More powerful models will have available a ”Dark Package’’ that adds a black diffuser surround, black, wide-bore, exhaust tips, and a black Stinger emblem on the tail. The cabin architecture is unchanged and can still seat five.


The lower part of the steering-wheel has a metallic finish to match the chromed bezel around the high-definition digital instrument cluster. Atop the fascia is an upgraded 26cm touchscreen info/satnav and the cabin has a ”mood” lighting facility.

Leather, depending on market, will be included in various packaged.

The Stinger is available with a new interior colour and material options, depending on market. – and that includes three colour choices along with a new black/red stitching suede option.

The coming Stinger will be released in South Korea in third-quarter 2020. Other markets will follow with details of new engines and tech.

2020 KIA STINGER. Image: Supplied
2020 KIA STINGER. Image: Supplied
2020 KIA STINGER. Image: Supplied

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